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Exponentia's services are geared to helping customers manage a dynamic business environment of increasing complexity. We provide customers with the assurance of top-quality, customer-centric, business-driven ERP Implementation.


Our Configuration Methodologies have stood the test of demanding clients from many different industries, located across the US and Asia-Pacific - and every single time, our expertise with the complete suite of ERP Software Services has met the challenge and delivered results.


Exponentia's satisfied clientele come from varied industries such as Public Sector, Utilities, Pharma, Health Care and Life Sciences, Insurance, Technology, Telecom, Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing.


Exponentia's major focus is on SAP Solutions, while we also have a strong presence in ORACLE ERP Applications and SIEBEL CRM Services.  Exponentia's commitment to quality and its cost-conscious and deadline driven approach ensure that your ERP implementation is on-target for time, cost and deliverables. With its proven track record in the areas of ERP, CRM, SCM, SEM and Business Process Integration, Exponentia brings to every project its depth of experience in Custom Applications, Configuration Expertise and Technical Support.