Feasibility Study

At Exponentia, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. While the comprehensive ERP suite of solutions is the starting point for many projects, implementation often needs to be calibrated to unique client needs. To ensure such fine calibration, we recommend a feasibility study at project commencement. 


Regardless of the scale, opting to implement ERP Software is a critical business decision for every client. It has large cost implications, besides its impact on key business processes. At Exponentia, we realize the challenges and constraints involved in the ERP goal-setting and commissioning process. Which is why, we would like to make it easier on you, with our scientific feasibility studies. 


Exponentia's ERP Project feasibility studies consider the following key factors:


  • Need to implement new ERP or upgrade/replace the existing ERP implementation
  • Assessing the pros and cons of clean-slate ERP Implementation vs. migration from Legacy systems
  • Merit-rating/Benchmarking of available ERP Products to zero in on suitable software
  • Project Timeframe and Transition strategies
  • Project Cost, Return on Investment and potential risks


Contact us for a consultation on how our feasibility study can help you make an informed decision on an implementation that will benefit your company for many years.