Custom ERP Applications

Custom ERP Solutions building is a critical phase for any ERP Project as it centers around the actual configuration of the system based on Blueprints. This phase also covers enhancements and interfaces building.


Exponentia has a large talent pool of ERP-expert project managers, domain/industry experts, functional and techno-functional consultants, programmers and systems security administrators, with many of them being SAP certified and backed by multiple-implementations to their credit. Together, they bring to your projects learning from many thousand man-hours of experience with building custom ERP solutions.


We therefore have the capability to design and implement expert configuration methodologies catering to the complex custom needs and special reporting requirements of any business.  Exponentia's clients are assured of top-quality deliverables effectively addressing their unique business situations.


Below is a list of the key areas typically covered by Exponentia during this phase:


  • Systems Build, Enhancement and Interfaces build, Configuration and Defining Reports
  • Data Conversion, Cleansing and Migration Activities
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Development of Test Scripts and Testing
  • Build Security Measures, Assignments/Authorization of Roles
  • User Training, Documentation and Knowledge-Transfer Processes
  • Cut-Over (Final Preparatory Phase) 
  • Project Go-Live