BPR & Blueprints

With complex software projects, the chances of successful implementation are greatly improved by a well-defined and conducted requirements study. To boost your chances of success, Exponentia approaches projects by first conducting an in-depth analysis that includes business process mapping, systems study and analysis, gap analysis and user requirement gathering.


Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Systems study when conducted properly benefits the client immensely  since it  ensures the capture of current business requirements and paves the way for optimization of these processes in the new implementation (as-is and to-be design).


Exponentia's functional expertise across diverse business processes and in preparing blueprints eliminates a large amount of ambiguity from the project implementation. It ensures a closer fit between requirements and development and ensures that both client and project teams have a high level of ownership in the project. Other benefits include avoiding time and cost overruns and eliminating the need for wasteful rework.